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ALL FLORIDA DJ’S was conceived through Rockin Tunes, Inc. and Several Other DJ Companies around the state of Florida to Create this Unique Company.  Our decision to come together with over 30 years of individual success and the idea was brought forth by Mark Perl .  His history, admiration to entertain, common goals with the other companies, as well wanting to expand brought forth all these companies to combine as one.
Mark basically convinced all the other companies to imagine the value that could be offer to all of our clients by combining our deep talent pools as well as our vast experience.  Combining our networks of industry professionals and respective inventory of lighting, video projection/production equipment and staging.  Can you imagine combining several companies throughout the state of Florida into one?  Now you have it ALL FLORIDA DJ’S!!
We collectively imagined and subsequently formed an event production corporation whose services remain special to every clients' ideas, theme, budget and preference.  And now it allows One Company to serve the Entire State of Florida and Beyond.  We are willing to travel all over the world.  And have over 50 systems to allow us to.   Once you hire ALL FLORIDA DJ’S to your event, you will be very glad.  No Matter what city in Florida you are in or State, ALL FLORIDA DJ’s will provide you with top quality entertainment.
So now that you know about us this is why Mark and all the other companies have combined to where.
We created, ALL FLORIDA DJ’S.
- Disc Jockey
- Wedding DJ
- Bar Mitzvah Dj
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