Welcome to All Florida Djs LED Robots. Our Led Robots are state of the art, Going as high as 8 feet and as long as 3 hour show we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. If you are looking to spice up your party, our LED Robots will definitely take your party to a whole new level. The Mix of LED Lights with robot suits and stilts fused with the beauty of our music enhanced light shows, will definitely make your guests stand up from there seats and party the night away. Our robots come upgraded with built in lasers and if you really want to show off you can always add the LED CO2 Cannons, and of course our confetti cannons.

Our LED Robots Service will travel all over the state of Florida, mainly from Orlando to the Florida Keys. Our LED Robot Shows are perfect for weddings, quinces, bar / bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s, product reveals corporate parties and more. We always recommend at least a 45 minute show, and if you want enhance your show. You can always add our Hora Loca Dancers or our Hora Loca LED Robot Percussionist. Let your guests go wild!! Even if you think you are having the best night of your life, it can always be better. That’s when our LED Robots come in the picture. For at least a whole 45 minutes our LED robots will pump up your crowd either at the beginning, the middle or we will finish your event on a very high note. Impress your guests, and be the talk of the party with our LED Robots. You know what is better than one LED Robot? Two LED Robots. Our average LED Robot Show is two of our LED Robots for a 45 minute time, partying with your guests and making sure that everyone in your party is on the dance floor having the time of their life and of course taking photos and creating those memories that will last a lifetime. We can create a customized mix with the music that you choose for your Show, depending on your ethnicity, genres or just as simple as a mix of top 100 songs, the choice is yours. One thing is for sure. Our LED Robot Show, your night will never be forgotten.

All Florida DJs offers a state of the art, one of a kind LED Robot Experience like no other in South Florida. Imagine Grandma jumping and dancing with a giant robot, or playing with a huge CO2 Cyro Cannon, that footage would be priceless! The best way to impress your guests at your party is to do something different. Everybody does the same thing at every event. Do you want to be everybody else, or do you want to be unique? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing your event Entertainment. What better way to wow your guests than to do something nobody has done before? Remember you night the right way & let your guests go wild with our amazing LED ROBOTS!

From LED Robot Stilt Walkers, to Regular LED Dancers, we got you covered! With a wide variety of different robots, suits, props and much more, All Florida Djs will definitely take care of you.

Think big, help us make your night magical. Stand out, be the talk of the year, go wild all while having fun!