ALL FLORIDA DJ’S was conceived through Rockin Tunes, Inc. and Several Other DJ Companies around the state of Florida to Create this Unique Company. Our decision to come together after over 30 years of individual success and the idea was brought forth by Mark Perl his history, admiration to entertain, common goals with the other companies, as well wanting to expand brought forth all these companies to combine as one.
Mark basically convinced all the other companies to imagine the value that could be offer to all of our clients by combining our deep talent pools as well as our vast experience. Combining our networks of industry professionals and respective inventory of lighting, video projection/production equipment and staging. Can you imagine combining several companies throughout the state of Florida into one? Now you have it ALL FLORIDA DJ’S!!
We collectively imagined and subsequently formed an event production corporation whose services remain special to every clients' ideas, theme, budget and preference. And now it allows One Company to serve the Entire State of Florida and Beyond. We are willing to travel all over the world. And have over 50 systems to allow us to. Once you hire ALL FLORIDA DJ’S to your event, you will be very glad. No Matter what city in Florida you are in or State, ALL FLORIDA DJ’s will provide you with top quality entertainment.
So now that you know about us this is why Mark and all the other companies have combined to where.

What Our Clients have said about All Florida DJs

Who Is All Florida DJ’s?
When you take away the flashing lights, smoke and bubbles, and other glitz from an All Florida DJ's show, you are left with the incredible talent of our performers...

Party Motivators, Emcee’s, and D.J.'s
...who outshine any artificial special effects. Each and every entertainer has devoted his/her life to perfecting a craft they trained for from childhood.
Our Dancers have background in Modern Dance, and today's popular dance movements. With the help of our expert choreographers, they translate their natural abilities to the kind of dancing that brings out the best in the guests at an All Florida DJ’s party.
All Florida DJ’s Emcee’s make use of their varied talents as actors, models, dancers, singers and musicians to lead and generate the excitement at a special event.
Our DJ's have extensive knowledge of mixing a wide variety of music that keeps everyone on their feet.

Why All Florida DJ’s?
All Florida DJ’s is the choice for today's most popular parties. Why? Because we created the total DJ party concept and we know how to do it better than anyone else.

No one but All Florida Dj’s will provide you with it all:

Superb personal service. We bend over backwards to help plan the ultimate party.

Undivided attention. The guest(s) of honor are always put on a pedestal and made to feel truly special.

Outrageous choreography. We're hip to the coolest music, dance and entertainment. Our choreographers create unique dance themes to the hottest trends of today.

Energized motivation. We get the guests really psyched up and ready to party.

Dynamic entertainers. We have the most awesome and exhilarating group of professional MC's, DJ's, and dancers who will go to the extreme for you.

Renowned reliability. We're always on-time at every one of the thousands of shows we provide each year.

Party Goods - No one goes home empty handed from an All Florida DJ’s affair. Whether you're two years old or 82 years old you'll love our party goods. They are designed especially for us, to intensify the fun of each set of music we play. From "Around the World" to "New Years Eve" to "Club AFD" themes, we have just the right accessory, to hold or wear, to make your guests look the part.

Custom Candle Lighting CD - First pick out all the songs for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting Ceremony, then we at All Florida DJ’s can put all the songs on a compact disc for you to keep for life.

Private At-Home Dance Lessons - Let All Florida DJ’s, one-on-one dance lessons make you feel cool and confident on your big day. In the privacy of your own home, our experienced and patient dance instructors will diligently teach the guest-of-honor the show-stopping opening routine and other dance steps they will be performing during the party. Family members can watch and join in the guest-of-honor's excitement as the new star's confidence and dance experience grows. Private group lessons are also available.